Farm sounds, city sounds, mountain sounds. 


SOGS is a sound mediation project created by me, Cassie. It began while I was I’m living on a produce farm in upstate New York for a month, as part of the Andes Sprouts Society  artist residency.

I gave myself a challenge: to record an hour of uninterrupted sound every day for an hour. To spend an hour really listening to the variations and layers of this new environment.


I had some questions:  Could I pay attention for that long? What  would I hear after 10 minutes of listening? 40 minutes? What would I learn about what I was recording?

I got to know this place through it’s sounds.

And you. How do you listen to them? Maybe you want to listen while you work or clean your house or drink coffee. Or maybe you want to try listening sound mediation style — returning your mind back to the sounds whenever it wanders off.

Either way, I hope you enjoy these SOGS.

If you have questions or comments, please email me at: cassie.wagler@gmail.com

One thought on “About

  1. yay!!! i want water and wind. maybe plants moving in the wind. that might be hard to record for an hour…This is such a neat idea.


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